Noob question

Hi *,

I am writing my first app based on the ‘depot’ application but with some
suttle differences to help me learn.

I am a bit sutck with following and would be grateful for any help:

I have the following controller:

class MainController < ApplicationController

def index
@objects = Object.certified_items

This relates to a field called ‘certified’ within a table called
objects. The certified field contains an ‘int’ of either 0 or 1 - these
will become Y/N checkboxes.

Within my model I have the following:

def self.certified_items
:conditions => “certified < 1”,

What I am trying to do is use certified as a boolean for yes or no. So
if something is not certified ‘0’ don’t display it - if it is cerified
‘Y’ then do display it.


Hey luke,

Not quite sure what your question is…

You may have your greater/less than the wrong way round? Your
certified_items returns non certified items at the moment. I assume
you know theres a typo with a missing bracket and an extra comma there

def certified?

will return true or false which will be cleaner to use in your
controller if you need to test their certifiedness after extraction
from the db.


You also can’t use a model named Object, Rails won’t allow it. ( I
don’t know if that was just supposed to be a generic example …)

And in your model:

def self.certified_items
find(:all, :conditions => “certified = 1”,

But, like Henry, I’m not exactly sure what the question is…


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