No rhtml, rxml, rjs... problem with Action Mailer, again


Hi all

I have seen a lot of people writing my same problem but I haven’t found
the solution yet. This is the problem:

"ActionView::ActionViewError in Periodico#index

No rhtml, rxml, rjs or delegate template found for…"

when trying to send email through action mailer.

I have created the Notifier.rb model (in app/models/ folder)

def signupthanks(user)
# Email header info MUST be added here
@recipients =
@from = “removed_email_address@domain.invalid”
@subject = “Thank you for registering with our website”
# Email body substitutions go here
@body[“first_name”] = user

I call it: email=Notifier::deliver_signupthanks(@user) (in my

And I have saved (trying with different nouns) a plain text file called
signupthanks.rhtml in the /app/views/notifier/ folder. I’m sure it is
just there.

I have also set the normal settings for config/environment.rb directory.

Everything seems to be OK?

I have read that this can be an Action Mailer versions’ problem, a bug
with smtp function, or a different problem. But nothing seems to work!

Can you help me?



atreyu a. wrote:

No rhtml, rxml, rjs or delegate template found for…"

I had the same problem.

I commented out a line in a block
“ do |config|” in app/config/environment.rb:

config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service :action_mailer ]


config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service :action_mailer ]

, then it worked.


On 28/06/06, matzun removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service :action_mailer ]

That line of Ruby removes AWS and AM from the frameworks rails
loads. You could either comment it out, or simply remove
:action_mailer from it, should you want to still NOT load AWS (and
thus save on memory).