Nginx TCP Delays

Actually Paytam resolved the problem, the fix was.

It was simply amazing.


violet2:~# cat README_PLEASE
Hi There,

This is Payam, i fixed your system by modifying your nf_conntrack max
setting as well as its h
ash bucket size. Since you are using connection tracking via
iptable, you need to
make sure to modify the settings else you will have issues such as the
reported =)

i created a file that has the 2 main commands you need
i also tuned the system slightly by making sure the proper sysctl.conf
options were selected

i no longer can experience the issue you were having before
one quick way for figuring out if your system is erroring out anywhere
is by
using “dmsg” comm
and on the command line

I also installed chkrootkit for you, in case your system was
compromised. id
recomend installi
ng rkhunter ‘apt-get install rkhunter’
I have also created you a test script to test your site, called

[email protected]
violet2:~# cat

payam - pchychi

echo 1048576 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_conntrack_max
modprobe ip_conntrack hashsize=1048576

Nice. Can you provide a copy of

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On Sep 23, Avleen Vig wrote:

Surely you should have more?
Eg with 4 cores have 8 workers.

If workers block serving a request, this means you don’t have CPU sitting

nginx is not apache. A single worker can handle tens of thousands of
connections. I suggest you read this The C10K problem