[News] Ruby-on-Rails to be used in Dutch Rapid-Application-D


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Finalist IT Group is about to participate in the Development Tools 2006
contest on 23 en 24 February with two teams. One of those teams is a
/Ruby-on-Rails team/.

Development Tools 2006 (formerly known as RAD Race), is not just a
contest for developing applications as fast as you can. It’s also a
serious showcase, evaluation and analysis of the development tools that
are used by the participating teams. The RAD Race is an annual event
since 1991. The event will be organized by Software Release magazine.

This will be the very first time that a Ruby-on-Rails team is joining
the contest Development Tools and only the second time an open-source
programming environment is applied in the contest. Although Finalist is
actually a Java specialist, this team has gathered enough confidence in
Ruby on Rails to challenge the other teams, including their colleagues
that use Java+JAG.

The winner of Development Tools 2006 is announced at the annual Database
Systems Conference on 29 March:
http://www.databasesystems.nl/site/programma.html (in Dutch). More
information about Development Tools 2006:
http://www.developmenttools.nl/site/ (also in Dutch).

I’ll be sure to post the results here as well. If you’re in or around
The Netherlands in April, you can learn more by visiting the seminar
which will be organized by Finalist. Here both teams will share their
experiences from the content.


Erik van Oosten
Finalist IT Group


Erik van Oosten wrote:

http://www.databasesystems.nl/site/programma.html (in Dutch). More

Erik van Oosten
Finalist IT Group

Rails mailing list

Hi Erik,

Really nice to see Rails entering the RAD Race. How would you compare
your/rails’ changes against your colleague’s in the Java/Jag team?

It would be nice to hear from your results in April, as I won’t be able
to go to the Database Systems event.

Say hi to Alfred F (if he’s still in the company). Good luck & have fun,



Personally I think they’ll beat the Java/Jag team, but the bets in my
company are at 50/50.

The biggest success factor in this contest, I think, is experience with
the tool. The Ruby team has flexibility as extra advantage, the Java
team has many excellent libraries as extra advantage. A big hurdle in
the game is that you’re not connected to the Internet.


PS. Alfred left us only a couple of months ago.

Boris schreef: