Newbie rails

I have the following problem where the view is not able to read a array
variable from the model. however my puts staetments thro the controller
able to print the values of the varable. more details below
class TorontotraderController < ApplicationController
model :config1
def home

     @hi="cock a doodledo"



Model is
def getDirectories1

     return  Dir["**{Sc*}"]


view is

<%= @hi %>

<% for fil in @filestoShow %>

<%= fil %>

<% end %>

when i state puts @filestoShow in my controller, i get the direcoty
listing in my rails command window. however my home.rhtml is not able
to display any values. if i comment out the @filestoShow in my
controller, i can get my test value. how do i make it to work so that i
can display my @filestoShow properly from my home.rhtml

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