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Hi all,
I’m led to believe that one of the purposes of this mailing list is to
announce new projects?
Well, here’s mine:
And i’ve been inspired by barenakedapp, so there’s a blog on

The aim is to be a simple, easy to use, but helpful personal
budgeting/finances system for your typical homeowner. God knows i need
the most help at this, and i couldn’t find a good web-app that does it
well. So here goes, i’m going to make one.

The idea is to start with free+adsense plans, and in the future paid
plans that will include graphs and pretty printable reports.

Also: since one of the biggest problems in the rails community is a
lack of code examples for non-trivial apps, i’m considering GPL’ing the
code. Anyone up for that?

Anyway, please visit the site and sign up your email address for
updates when its released.

Chris H.

Anyone interested?

On 9/28/06, chris hulbert [email protected] wrote:

Anyone interested?

I’m having trouble getting onto the blog. It could be my firewall.

Daniel N wrote:

I’m having trouble getting onto the blog. It could be my firewall.

Try this link then:

I can access it from my work, so i’m guessing its your firewall?

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