mySQL paginate syntax question for complex SQL. (over 117 vi


I have this code in my controller and i cannot seem to figure out how to
it to paginate correctly… Is there a trick to do something like this?
There are a few others at that are having the
issue. Any incite would be great, thanks in advance!

(over 117 views and no answer in rubyonrailsforum???)

def display_location
if params[:search] && params[:search].size > 0
@listing_pages, @listings = paginate (:listings,
:per_page => 10,
:order => “budget desc”)
locations = (params[:search] || {:default =>
|x| ‘"’ + x + ‘"’ }
conditions = '[“station = ?”, ’ + locations.join(",") + “]”
@listings = Listing.find(:all, :conditions => “station IN (” +
locations.join(",") + “)”)
flash[:notice] = “There are no listings in this search”

How can this code be made to paginate properly, is it a session issue of
sorts? If so, how can i maintain session in between the @listing_pages
and the “@listings = Listing.find(:all, :conditions =>” line? Anyone?
Thanks for your time!