MySQL error after SVN up to 1088

where do I put that ?

Hmm. Is this something that we should put into Typo by default?


Which MySQL driver are you using? The one built into Rails or the
.gem one? Try swapping for the other one.


I was using the one built into rails.
I installed the one via gem install and my blog is working again

Thanks Scott & Steve.

ok… I added it,
but I still have the same problem.
I don’t think it is a timeout issue, as it happens straight after I
launch mongrel (or WEBBrick).
i’m thinking its a SQL issue.

I would guess in the environment.rb, add the line above: ActionMailer::
Base.default_charset = ‘utf-8’

Actually anywhere you put it in there it should get picked up. You
cross check with the mongrel mailing list to see what they recommend.