Mysql configuration is slowing me down

Hi all,

I have a strange configuration problem

I ordered Debian VPS and installed Rails with all the necessary
components with and deploying a dating site. But this is my first system
admin work as well.

I was surfing site I develop and when it performs so good on my local
computer it is having problems on my VPS.

Let my production log explain it

Completed in 0.79161 (1 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 1.49198 (188%) | DB:
-0.70445 (-88%) | 200 OK []

And problematic part is (50% of the time same page):

Completed in 8.75947 (0 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 1.44400 (16%) | DB:
7.30785 (83%) | 200 OK []

As you see DB is taking sometimes more then 7 seconds and sometimes
almost none.

I will appreciate any input or direction.


OS: Debian Sarge
DB: mysql Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.15, for pc-linux-gnu (i386) using
readline 4.3
Rails: 1.3
gem list
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

actionmailer (1.2.2, 1.2.1)
Service layer for easy email delivery and testing.

actionpack (1.12.2, 1.12.1)
Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC.

actionwebservice (1.1.3, 1.1.2)
Web service support for Action Pack.

activerecord (1.14.3, 1.14.2)
Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM.

activesupport (1.3.1)
Support and utility classes used by the Rails framework.

mysql (2.7, 2.6)
MySQL/Ruby provides the same functions for Ruby programs that the
MySQL C API provides for C programs.

rails (1.1.3, 1.1.2)
Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer,
and ORM.

rake (0.7.1)
Ruby based make-like utility.

RedCloth (3.0.4)
RedCloth is a module for using Textile and Markdown in Ruby. Textile
and Markdown are text formats. A very simple text format. Another
stab at making readable text that can be converted to HTML.

rmagick (1.13.0)
RMagick is an interface between the Ruby programming language and
the ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick image processing libraries.

sources (0.0.1)
This package provides download sources for remote gem installation

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