MySQL Adaptor on WinXP Dual CPU machine broken?

When I run using webrick on a dual WinXP SP2 machine it crashes
intmittently at random locations.

If the page has no MySQL lookups in it it will go and go forever. The
moment I put one
MyModel.find(:first) into the controller. Webrick starts crashing
again. Crash as in illegal access into low addresses of memory.

I have tried installing MySQL 4.1 and 5 GA as well as uninstalling and
reinstalling Ruby/Rails. No luck. When I move to a Unix or Win32
machine with a single CPU, no problem.

I know there are plenty of users out there running SMP unix boxes. Any
Win32 dual users out there?

Originally I was seeing problems in Apache/FastCGI. Apache was actually
occasionally throwing up an illegal access window with ruby.exe as the
title. I uninstalled Apache and tried to get it going on Webrick and
discovered that even that wasn’t working.


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