ModelTags extension giving an error with "filter" syntax: price:e:100

Anyone have any experience with “ModelTags”?

I am trying to implement the ModelTags extension in my application.

I want to compare it with RecordTags.

The basic functionality outlined in the “Simple Examples” section works
great, ie

<r:model name=“Product”>
<r:value name=“id” />,
<r:value name=“price” />,
<r:value name=“name” />


But I get errors when I try to implement the “Filter Page Type and Tags”
near the bottom.
I hope I am using the correct syntax.
My url is http://localhost:3000/exviewm/id:e:4
My page exviewm has the new page type of “Filter”, it is published.

When I attempt to visit the URL I get the following error:

Errno::EINVAL in SiteController#show_page

Invalid argument -

Thanks, Topher

Christopher Z.
[email protected]