Managing large file uploads - best practice?


Hello everyone,

I’ve got an app where I need to give the user the facility to upload a
large-ish (up to maybe 10Mb) CSV file. I really don’t want to have to
deal with idiots uploading porn, /dev/zero, and whatever else they
feel I might appreciate - I want to eliminate everything that isn’t a
valid CSV file as quickly as possible in the upload process.
It’ll have a reasonably simple login/password mechanism, but it’s not
100% clear at this point whether I’ll have to have a “guest”-type user
capability, and thus be potentially leaving the front door to the
asylum ajar…

Is there any existing best-practice type information around for how to
police this? I want to ensure that files being uploaded are valid CSV
files, that they contain a specific number of fields and aren’t too

I can think of a few ways of doing it; none strike me as particularly
elegant, particularly when it comes to chopping off any offending file
uploads mid stream.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Dave M.