Link_to_remote with form values?


I need a way to read a form field and pass its contents as a parameter
to a link_to_remote call.

So let’s say I have a textarea input:
<%= text_area ‘course’, ‘topics’, :rows => 6, :cols => 60 %>

and later a link_to_remote:
<%= link_to_remote(“Hide”,
{ :update => ‘my div’,
:url => {:action => ‘hide_textarea’, :div =>
:course => @course } ) %>

and I want to add the contents of the course_topics textarea as a field
in my :url hash.

Getting the form value with javascript should be possible, but how do I
embed that into the ruby code?


I actually have the very same question and have been trying to figure
out a solution for the last hour. Any help would be appreciated.