Lighttpd scgi error on windows



I have followed the instructions below to get lighttpd and scgi working
on windows.

When i typ in the following address i get just a
blank white page.

In the scgi.log file i have the following error but dont know what the
problem is

[INF][3552] Running in production mode on
[ERR][3552] Malformed request, does not end with ‘,’

I have checked the lighttpd configuration file and everything seems ok.

Can anyone tell me what is gone wrong?


Anyone have a clue what could be wrong here? Ive searched the net but
with no success.

Do i need to change the htaccess file?

Isit a windows XP problems?



See for more information on
deploying to Windows. I had the problem you had occasionally and so I
abandoned it and developed several other solutions for deploying Rails
on Windows.

I hope this helps you.