Know which components will be rendered


Hi all,
I have an app where in my main template I call a render_component A

Inside the render_component A, I call render_component B and inside
render_component B I call render_component C

Then, in my main template I put the contents for the template and then I
call render_component D

My question is, I have a helper method inside render_component C that
render a string based on what I will render in content of the main
template, and I haven’t found a way to know, inside the render_component
C what were the original request (Controller and Action) that I called.
If I try to access the Controller and Action inside the render_component
C I get the action and controller used to render that component, and not
the original controller and action called, which will render the
contents for the template. How can I now the original Controller and
Action that made every rendered_component being called?

Hope my probelem description is clear…