Kickstarting with rails routing problem


I’ve rewritten my kickstart cgi in rails with DB acces to the host list
and the testing is perfect. I can send the macaddress in the
HTTPrequest Header, rails looks up the macaddr in the machine db and
spits back out a kickstart file for the machine…

however in real world usage what I get is a request for
http://server//kickstarts/kickme which rails fails with - - [01/Mar/2006:14:29:56 EST] “GET //kickstarts/kickme
HTTP/1.1” 404 595

  • -> //kickstarts/kickme

Routing Error

Recognition failed for “/kickme”

which is true because //kickstarts doesn’t exist. I’ve tried

map.connect ‘//kickstarts/kickme’,:controller => ‘kickstarts’, :action
=> ‘kickme’

but it comes up the same with //=404. anyone know how to manage this
double slash?




zac elston wrote:
sorry, the kickstart request is “/./” - - [01/Mar/2006:14:28:44 EST] “GET /./kickstarts/kickme
HTTP/1.0” 404 608

  • -> /./kickstarts/kickme

but the issue remains the same


this did the trick

map.connect ‘/./kickstarts/kickme’,:controller => ‘kickstarts’, :action
=> ‘kickme’