Is possible to mantain a co0l blog without broke XHTML?


I started to write content in textarea in HTML then I migrated to
BBCode, then I came back HTML thanks to TinyMCE, now I see with interest
textile and markaby, but will they be “THE solution”?

As “internal” language anybody is free to use the language he/she
prefers but about the future? Probably you won’t be able to reuse it in
another platform/cms

Anybody wants an easy way to add texts, code, photos, videos,… into the
website, but there are 2 completly different ways to do it:

wiki, markaby, textile,… You “should” never get invalid code using
these tecniques and you could use some kind of helper to get common
code, but you have to write imaging the output and sometimes you have to
remember to escape something

You get easly what you want, but sometime the code could be dirty and
But you use HTML inside so you’ll be sure that every cms could import

What about an hybrid?
You write a simple HTML code via WYSIWYG editor and then re-parse it
again with Rails-aCMS-orAnythingElse.

Probably the best solution for the code highlightning is Coderay
(; you write a code like:

Class Test end

and you get:

Class Test end

The same concept could be used also for other kind of objects

I mean:

An wonderful image

Could became after reparsed:

A wonderful image
A wonderful image

What do you think about it? Do you have better ideas about how to
mantain a clean and indipendent internal code?

A problem could be that parse alwais is heavy but with caching this
isn’t a problem anymore.

a random XHTML blog with XHTML broken