Is Ferret the standard rails search engine?

Is Ferret the standard rails search engine?
I’m looking to search the file system and MySQL.

TextSearch is working fine for MySQL.

Is Ferret the solution that most people are using
for documents in the file system?



Hi Greg,

I don’t know. At least the developer of Ferret, Dave Balmain, is doing a
great job on maintaining the package. Furthermore the mailing list is
active and Dave himself is very responsive on problems that are

But of course there are other possibilities. You might want to look at
hyperestraier as well or hook up to an lucene or solr instance by
xml-rpc if
you are into java. Simply try them out and then choose on what fits your

I’m myself perfectly happy with ferret on different (but small)
Other users are using older versions of ferret because in their opinion
newer and superfast c-branch of ferret isn’t production ready yet. Dave
seems to be working on that and a version 1.0 is only a question of time


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