Indexed date_select


Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible to have date_select fields that are
indexed for updating of multiple rows.

Here is my code:

<% @book.awards.each do |@award| %>

<%= select(“award[]”, “category”, [ “Fiction”, “Non-Fiction”,
“Poetry”, “First-Boak”, “Translation” ],
{ :include_blank => false }) %>
<%= date_select(“award[]”, “year”, :start_year =>
2007, :end_year => 1980,
:discard_month => true, :include_blank => false) %>

<% end %>

This outputs:

Fiction Non-Fiction Translation ...

Does anyone know why the name of the first select field has an index
but the name of the date select field doesn’t? Is there some way
around this? I tried directly passing the helper the id for the index
but that produced errors.