IBM's Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails (Windows only, at pre

I just saw this mentioned on OSNews:


From that page:

What is Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails?

Users starting with Ruby and Rails are faced with the task of
downloading source code, obtaining compilers, compiling code, and
finding a relational database to use. Starter Toolkit for DB2® on Rails
is a conveniently-packaged set of products and technologies that enables
the quick creation of a configuration for building DB2 Web applications
using Ruby on Rails technology.

All requirements are included: DB2 Express - C; DB2 driver for Ruby; DB2
Adapter for Rails; a “free to build, deploy, distribute” data server;
and tutorials, examples, and other learning materials.

How does it work?

Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails comes with a unique, one-click
installer for pre-tested and reconfigured installation of not only Ruby
and Rails, but a complete DB2 Express - C solution. Running the the
set-up file will start Ruby and Rails and will configure Rails for use
with DB2.

This is a huge download (>300MB), because it includes the Express
edition of DB2. It’s only for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 at
present, but they plan to also support Linux.

The included DB2 driver and DB2 adapter for Rails are IBM’s own:

“IBM is the only RDBMS vendor that provides enablement for Ruby on
Rails. Both the DB2 driver and the DB2 adapter are 100% IBM-developed
code. They were built by the same people that build DB2 itself, and it
is our full intention to provide the highest level of optimization and
complete exploitation of all the latest features of DB2.”