How to save data with dynamic forms?

Imagine I have a form designer, which allow me to design a web form (at
I don’t have any idea how to save the data in db (table ddl?), so I can
easily list or search the data.

I though of writing the hash directly from the form to db, but I think
must be better solution(s)?

Any idea, articles or design pattern on the subject?

Thank you all in advance,

What’s your schema look like for having run-time defined forms? I would
think something like:

form_type --< field
form --< field_value
field_value >-- field
form >-- form_type

(Like my whacky crow’s foot notation?)

If this is the case, then each entry in your form is actually a row, so
you can use collection-based form helpers (<%= input “field_value[]”
…) and get it all done pretty easily. There’s a section on using
collection forms in the Agile book.