How to retrieve :web when redirecting to an Instiki page?

Hello, I am currently working on implementing some authentification code
onto Instiki (0.11.0). I am encountering a problem in this situation :

When I try to access say http:/localhost:2500/orz/show/Test , where orz
is an instiki web name, I am redirected to my signin form screen (which
is what I want) but then upon signing in I get the following message:

No url can be generated for the hash {:controller=>“wiki”,
:action=>“show”, :id=>“Test”}

Now if I then type in http:/localhost:2500/orz/show/Test in my browser
addressline I can access the page without any problem. So there seems to
be a problem with the redirection in my signin method, which looks like

def signin
ession[:user] = User.authenticate(params[:username],

redirect_to :web=> session[:intended_web],
:controller => session[:intended_controller],
:action => session[:intended_action],
:id => session[:intended_id]


I realize that session[:intended_web] is a naive attempt and returns nil
since that session variable doesn’t exist, so how should I go about
retrieving the intended web’s name upon signin redirection?

(Of course if there is a single web and I set DEFAULT_WEB to the web’s
name, as well as setting :web=> DEFAULT_WEB in the signin method, there
ceases to be a problem, but I would like a solution that works with
multiple webs.)

Any help is very appreciated.

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