How to pass an additional parameter from the url to a xmlrpc



I have a RoR App with a xmlrpc service, which attende a several clients

recently I need to change the xmlrpc service in order to provide an
additional parameter from the clients, but I don´t want to force a
change in
the clients’s xmlrpc code, so is possible to pass this additional
in the url? every client append his own new parameter to the url to
the xmlrpc service, something like:


is possible to pass a parameter from the url (via routes) to the xmlrpc
service ?



I’d create a new version of the interface and specification,
keep the old interface running, and if your clients wnat
the new functionality, they should migrate to the new
service with attendant changes to their code.

Your solution might work once, but how long will you
keep ‘extending’ your interface in the same way?

– Tom M.