How to get value from the post on the List page


I’m new to Rails. I’m building a candidates tracking system for
recruiting. I have a List page, but instead of listing every candidate,
I only wanted to list the candidates in certain statuses. The first
time List page is hit, by default, it lists candidates in status < 9.
But on the List page, there is a dropdown where all the statuses are
listed, so that when user chooses a status, and hit Go Button next to
the dropdown list, the List page would refresh with only candidates in
that selected status.

Simple enough scenario, but I just couldn’t get it. Every time I select
anything in the dropdown and hit Go Button, I still get the list with
three status < 9

Here is my code in List.rhtml.

Show Candidates:

Active in process

<% @statuses = Status.find(:all, :order => “id”)

@statuses.each do |item| %>

<%= %>

<% end %>

In the controller, I have

def list

  if params['candidates_status_id'] == nil then

        @candidate_pages, @candidates = paginate :candidate,

:per_page => 25,

              :order => "firstname",

              :conditions => "status_id < 9"

        @statuses = Status.find_all


        @candidate_pages, @candidates = paginate :candidate,

:per_page => 25,

              :order => "firstname",

              :conditions => "status_id <


        @statuses = Status.find_all



Any suggestion is appreciated.

Nina Ye

Not too familiar with paginate, but couple of suggestions:

– Your :conditions syntax is wrong – at the moment it will send the
query “WHERE status_id < params[‘candidates_status_id’]”, not the “WHERE
status_id < 5”, for example, that you want. You need to tell ruby to
convert the params to its value using #{}, or better still using the ?
syntax to substitute the variable like this: :conditions => [“status_id
< ?”, params[:candidates_status_id]]
Check out the API docs on CRUD for find and how to use :conditions in
RoR (

– I think the params is wrong at the moment --more idiomatic use is
with a symbol (:symbol instead of ‘string’), and I think the select
statement is prob returning the status in
params[:candidates][:status_id]. Alternatively you could re-write the
select statement to return params[:status_id].
Something (off the top of my head) like:
options_from_collection_for_select(@statuses, “id”, “name”))
This dries up the whole thing in one line.
– In the view you also need to wrap up the select in a form tag to show
the action to perform (in this case list, again)
– In the controller, you can clean things up quite a bit:
def list

@statuses = Status.find_all
status = params[:status_id] || 9 # Set to be status_id if it's not
nil, otherwise 9
candidate_pages, @candidates = paginate :candidate, :per_page => 25,

                                                    :order =>

                                                    :conditions =>
["status_id < ?", status]


– In things like this always check your logs – it will show the query
being passed to the db – you can see if it’s doing what you want.


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