How to get the browser date from a request, in Rails?



We have a Rails app, standard kind, browser sending requests to the
Rails app on the server. We want to get (if possible) the
date/time/timezone of the machine on which the browser is running. This
is for some date/time calculations that we need to do.
Done some research on this. HTTP standard says that “Date:” is one of
the general HTTP headers. By checking, we found that:

a) it is not a requirement of the HTTP standard that a browser should
send this header, even though it is a defined and legal header.

b) not all browsers necessarily send this header; e.g. Firefox 2.x on
Linux does not - we checked.

c) we dumped all the values in the request.env hash to screen, didn’t
find the Date: header, though there were many other headers like

d) also dug around (some) in the Rails source, didn’t find anything

We are looking at other workarounds (such as using a Javascript hack),
but may still want to try the above approach. Does anyone know if there
is any other way to get the Date: header, from the Rails environment
(maybe some lower level call), assuming, of course, that a browser does
send it?

Thanks for any help,
Vasudev Ram