How to freeze_edge with TortoiseSVN and InstantRails


I installed TortoiseSVN, created a local repository at

I have an app that I want to put into SVN and also do a freeze_edge for,
but I’m not sure how.
I ran command ‘rake freeze_edge’ and got the error:
ERROR: Must have subversion (svn) available in the PATH to lock this
application to Edge Rails
rake aborted!

Any advice or links to a good HowTo?
Thanks in advance.


You need to install the actual Subversion tools for Windows (command
line ones.)

Subversion site is here:

The direct download is here:

Install that, close any open command prompt windows, and then try to
freeze_edge again. You’ll need this to install plugins. It’ll also
let you set up your local repository.

Check to make sure this is installed correctly by opening a command
prompt and typing

svn --help

You should get a response. If you get an error, then the subversion
binaries are not located in your Path. The above installer should
have taken care of that for you though.