Help on tuning rails Rendering time

Hello all. I was hoping you guys could help me with understanding the
best methods of performance tuning rails rendering time. Basically, I
have my site up and running and while doing some performance tuning I
saw that each page load spends most time in Rendering ~80% vs DB time ~

I found a bunch of bugs in extra SQL calls but obviously all of this
would affect the 1% time which is not that much. How can I start
performance tuning the Rendering time and what exactly does this time
involve? Does it include time spent in the controller? What should I
avoid in my views/controllers to better the time on the Rendering part?
Where exactly does rest of the time go as it doesn’t add up to 100%?

My configuration is basically a front-end Nginx reverse proxy serving
static pages and a back-end Mongrel cluster with MySQL as my DB.

Any in depth help/guidance on this would be helpful.


Well i have no specific tips for you, maybe check out this plugin:
“Compile Time Template Optimization” @

Have you tried using something like action_profiler
( to find out where your
bottlenecks are