Hardbreaks and Redcloth

There seems to be just no way to do this correctly.
I store my the RedCloth rendered (html) in a row. Lots of the strings
include something along the lines of “\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n”. And
whatever I do, I cannot get it to work without breaking or causing poor
format of lists (IE. an extra
after each. So I ask, anyone come
up with a way they know of? Any alternative markup language like Rails
UBB, Markdown (BlueCloth do a good job with hardbreaks, my experience it
dosn’t do any better), even a script that handles HTML well (I.E.
entities, renders broken tags as text)?

After trying everything I could find without having to make yet another
post about this topic I tried using gsub!("\n",
’) and editing:

def clean_white_space( text )
# normalize line breaks
#text.gsub!( /\r\n/, “\n” )
#text.gsub!( /\r/, “\n” )
text.gsub!( /\t/, ’ ’ )
text.gsub!( /^ +$/, ‘’ )
#text.gsub!( /\n{3,}/, “\n\n” )
text.gsub!( /"$/, “” " )

just experimenting to see what works, whatever combination breaks Lists.
I also tried editing the Lists function to no avail.

Something that edits the \n >= 3 and then adds that many
work but I don’t know regexp well enough to do that effectively.

So any suggestions would be appreciated.


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