HABTM with ajax_scaffold


has anyone managed to do this? It works great for has_one, belongs_to
stuff, but i cant seem to get a HABTM setup going. Any demo code or
greatly appreciated.

Excellent work on this tool by the way its really great work.



Try asking here as well… http://groups.google.com/group/ajaxscaffold
it is a pretty
active group.

Basically I have done habtm using the standard checkbox approach, just
put the
checkboxes in the _form.rhtml. That works ok for editing, however
displaying habtm in
the table would be trickier, I have not needed to do that yet.


thanks. I assume the habtm is just the same as the has_many with some
changes but i dont want to really mess with it. Thanks for the heads up
the group…