Gruff datasets

Hi All,
I’m desperatly needing help for the gruff graphs. The problem is when I
google for help everytime I come across the same few pages which are
good but I’m not that expierenced to understand that I guess. I’m
fetching data from database. It’s about 3000 rows. The examples I’m
finding have static values like:
@datasets = [
[:large, [100_005, 35_000, 28_000, 27_000]]

But in my app I have “large” as some values from db and also the
100_005,35_000 etc from db. I was wondering if someone can point me how
to get 3000 rows count. Do I read all 3000 of them in the dataset
because my db will be having lot more eventually.

A good example will be really helpful!

Please help!

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