Grouping arrays in the View

I remember reading something awhile back about an easy way to work with
object arrays in views. Say I want to arrange 20 images objects in rows
of 3. I have a collection of @users, where each user has a
user.thumbnail_url image. Is there some way to split these up so that
they can be easily parsed in rows of three?



I think your best option would to make a helper for it. Make one helper
that accepts the entire array and breaks it up into chunks of three,
passes it to another helper that actually displays the 3 images for you.

If the problem is getting the actual data out, array has a method called
collect which can be used to call the same method on multiple objects in
array, so you could do something like @users.collect{|user|
user.thumbnail_url} That will give you an array of all of their image

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