Google Summer of Code 2014 applicant : Optimization with VOLK

Here is the link for my first proposal draft :

I will keep revising it. Seeking feedback in meantime. Thanks all.


Hi Abhishek - Your proposal is coming along nicely! I’ll 2nd (or, maybe
3rd by now) encouraging you to get your proposal into Melange so that we
can comment on it there more. My up-front comment is that you probably
want to state that OpenAirInterface is wholly licensed under the GPLv2 (
and hence the relevant portions can be ported to GNU Radio (assuming
this statement is true; licensing is important with discussion porting
programming) … I think it would be useful for you to include a link to
the specific files in their repo: … I can’t find those files
just by perusing. Looking forward to more discussion on Melange. - MLD


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My current hardware doesn’t support AVX2. How practical is it to develop
software for AVX2 intrinsics using Intel’s SW Development Emulator (and
possible performance testing on a remote machine) ?

I’m fairly confident we can get you a login to a AVX2 machine if
there’s no other option.



Thanks. Will address these points. Project proposal is already on
actual proposal is uploaded at :


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