[GLOBALIZE] Trouble getting example on wiki working



I decided to integrate globalize into my app yesterday but I’ve run into

I originally decided to try a db translation on one of my models so I
followed the wiki example and modified where appropriate.

When I tried to create an empty Album via the console I get the
following error:


I tried to investigate and from what I found the problem seems to stem
from the fact that globalize overrides the validations mechanism.

To cut a long story short as my app is running edge rails I decided to
create a new test rails app (using rails 1.0) and follow the globalize
wiki example exactly.

I get the following failure:


I then decied to run the test_plugins rake task. I also get a failure
for that:


I’d really appreciate it of someone could help me out here. I really
need to get i18n in asap.

Environment details:
saimon@iris ~/dev/workspace/sandbox $ ruby --version
ruby 1.8.3 (2005-09-21) [i686-linux]

I’d also like to see a full example app I can download and test. Any
open source apps using globalize?

Many thanks,