Getting Started with Site Redesign and RoR

Hello all:

I am in the process of redesigning my site and was thinking about
incorporating RoR into the overall structure. However, there are
multiple things I would like to create with Rails, namely a gallery, a
weblog, and portfolio management system. Given that I am going to be
using a lot of RoR, what is the best way to accomplish this task? Here
are some random things that have come up and I am hoping some of you
guys/gals can help:

  1. Should I create a separate web app for each of the aforementioned
    items? Then I would have separate directories for each with their own
    public folders, stylesheets, etc.

  2. Should I lump everything into one master CMS system and have that be
    my main app and then create controllers for each of the other items?

  3. I am having trouble getting my head around the whole folder structure
    thing. Let’s say I have my website on my local computer for testing at:


Then I have everything that I want the public to see under that folder
(i.e. images, css, etc.). However, I have my RoR apps at:


I have tried using symbolic links to map from the apps/gallery/public
folder to /mysite/public/gallery/ and the page will display but it is
still trying to find the site assets under apps/gallery/public/.

Is there a way to have your app at one location and everything else
under another?

Ideally I would like my site to simply have urls such as:,,

I know this was long and I probably didn’t explain myself very well. If
further clarification is needed please let me know.



Hi John,

On 1.2.2006, at 21.00, John S. wrote:

Ideally I would like my site to simply have urls such as:,,

Don’t get hung up on urls, it’s just a matter of routing [1] when you
build your app. Basically, you put everything static under yourapp/
public and all the dynamic stuff can be configured how you want to.

I would in your case just create one application and split it in
modules/controllers for your different tasks.



Jarkko L.

Put ur controllers under packages


Then in ur ruote.rb , you will be map

/journal/* => Journal::CreateController

Something of that sort

–Siva J.
My First Rails Project.
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