Freezing to Rails 1.0 for a production site



I have a shared web hosting account. Currently the hosting company has
Rails 1.0 but I’m sure they will upgrade to Rails 1.1 sometime soon. I
don’t want my site to break if anything with Rails 1.1 will cause a
break. How do I freeze my app to Rails 1.0? I imagine I download the
rails source into the vendor directory. But from where to download and
how to configure my app to look in the vender directory? Will this
work with action mailer and a shared hosting account?



Try searching google…



On 4/25/06, Jamie Q. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

Try searching google…

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the link. When I do freeze to 1.0 and then upgrade my gems
to 1.1, how will I know that the frozen app is really using 1.0?