Floats being stored in database as integer?

Hi all - having a problem that’s driving me insane. I was working on a
project that required reading in Access MDB files, then writing them to
a mySQL DB. I got it working, but the DB had a bunch of worthless data
from my previous testing - so I dropped the table to start fresh. Once I
dropped it, the float values from the Access read are being written to
the DB as integers. If I print the values I have assigned just before
the write, they come up correctly as floats. However, once in the DB -
they are only 8 bytes. I am baffled… the DB schema lists the fields as
floats. Code below.

dbh.select_all(‘select * from steel’) do |row|
@record = Report.new
Report.content_columns.each do |col|
@record[col.name] = row.shift

Any advice appreciated.

An update - problem solved I think? I took a look at the development.log
file and saw the SQL statements going in w/ the float #'s correct. While
a ‘float’ type was big enough, it wasn’t working. I changed it to double
and it’s now fine. I also didn’t know schema.rb supported the double
type, but it now appears to.

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