Flash not displaying in production; production log empty

Hi there

Am encountering a weird issue on the production server.

One of my controller methods sets a flash and redirects - this works
fine in development.

However in production, the redirect occurs but not the flash.

Furthermore, my production log is not being written to. I’ve set it to
display :debug info but nothing is getting written to it. Actually,
sometimes there is some activity but it is very intermittent and not
the full picture as to activity with the production app.

In development, am running Rails using Locomotive on OS X.

I’m clueless to solve any of this. THere are a couple of other
glitches in production that simply don’t happen in development but
without my production log, I’m clueless.

I’m thinking that the reason the production log is not getting written
to is probably also why these other glitches are occuring - there is
some server-specific issue.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.