Fixture access question


I want to add the basic model record create tests for my rails app
as in the “Agile Web D. with Rails” example:
i.e. (header stuff and boring repitition missed)

def test_create
assert_kind_of Requirement, requirements(:requirement_1)
assert_equal requirements[“requirement_1”][“name”],

Now I’m not supposed to use requirements since that’s slow but
how do I now “get” to the Fixture values, as opposed to the
Requirement class object created from those values?
I thought that requirements(:requirement_1)[“created_on”]
would be the go but it worries me that:
requirements(:requirement_1).class is “Requirement”
and (when I turn it back on)
@requirements[“requirement_1”].class is “Fixture”

This is probably post Java programming paranoia but I’d
hate to write a bunch of tests validating that a=a :slight_smile:
I’ve had a read of the fixtures questions on the rails list, had a read
the HowtoUnitTest, read MikeClark’s Weblog but no-one seems
to do exactly this. I’m afraid my Ruby isn’t yet up to working this out
fixtures.rb (though I’ve had an interesting read)
Thanks in advance for any help.