First time AJAX and need help

I just cant figure why this doesnt work. Im trying to follow a book
example. Well lets see:

<%=form_remote_tag(:update => “text1”, :url => {:action => :update})%>

<%=render(:partial => "index_text1")%>

the partial contains:

<%=text_area(:page, :text1, :cols => “17”, :rows=>

and the controller:

def index
@page = Page.find(:first, :conditions => “page =

def update
render(:partial => “index_text1”)

When I click submit, the action changes to update and it renders only
the partial and not everything else thats on the page. In other words it
behaves like a non-AJAX form. Can anyone help me with what im doing



Have you included the necessary javascript libraries in the template?
You should have this line at the top of your index.rhtml (preferably in
the section):

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>