I’m using Windows and Postgres 8.
I installed RMagic gem thingy and FileColumn plugin ok.

I followed instructions exactly as directed on FileColumn web site which
is very straight forward:

class My_model < ActiveRecord::Base
file_column :column_for_file_name

-----view -upload form–set to mulitpart
<%= file_column_field “my_model”, “column_for_file_name” %>


@my_model =[:my_model])

I get a new record inserted into the database but without the filename
value and no file is uploaded, althought the directory structure is
created. I dont get any error message at all. Can suggest someway to
troubleshoot this problem as i don’t want to delve into plugin code.
Help much appreciated. Si.


My suggestion is to just write your file upload code yourself. It is
straightforward. I wrote mine in my models. Just my opinion. I tried
filecolumn but just annoying to use especially with the requirement that
when you link to a file in your view, you need the actual object present
rather than just having the filename.