File_column / Rmagick "invalid image" when image is valid


So I’ve recently finished up my first RoR application and made sure it
worked right on the windows machine i developed it on. then deployed it
on which runs Open/Free BSD. I had to jump through a few little
hoops to get it working and set the permissions for rails to create
directories, but it still doesnt work right. When i go to add a new item
the database and try adding a picture with the entry, even if the
picture is
valid (all lowercase, no special chars in the name), and i can verify
the rmagick check for a valid image returns it invalid when i try to add
i know it can upload the image becuase i can check it made a tmp
and uploaded the picture through the shell, but it wont resize it or
a thumb nail like it should, and does on my machine.

1 error prohibited this equipment from being saved
There were problems with the following fields:
Image invalid

im pretty sure that part was generated by this code from within file

from “/file-column/lib/magick_file_column”

class BaseUploadedFile # :nodoc:
def transform_with_magick
if needs_resize?
img = ::Magick::Image::read(absolute_path).first
rescue ::Magick::ImageMagickError
@magick_errors ||= []
@magick_errors << “invalid”

now im wondering what do i need to do or change to get this working
right? it really bugs me becuase it works fine on my box, and the error
it gives doesnt tell me much about what is happening, the logs dont seem
to show anything helpful either.