File_column imagemagick strangeness


I’m using the basic magick features of file_column,
and while files are uploading fine without the magick options, as soon
as I do something like

:magick => { :size => "400x600" }

I get an ‘invalid file’ error.
Further investigation reveals that the file is in fact invalid because
something somewhere is truncating the file path:

Magick::ImageMagickError in Images#create
unable to open image 

`rian/www/dev.domain.dom/public/images/example.jpg’: No such file or

(‘image’ should be

This all happens in the file magick_file_column.rb in the method
transform_with_magick. The line raising the error is:

img = ::Magick::Image::read(absolute_path).first

and if I replace absolute_path with a string I get the same truncation

I’m going mad trying to sort this out. Has anyone else had this happen
to them, or have any idea what might be going on here?


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ok, I answered this myself:

“When trying to open a file with, the
leading characters of filename are lost on the way to imagemagick”