Engines & Rails 1.1.6

An excerpt from the recently-unearthed diary of Doctor Hans Zarkov:

"There’s no sun! It’s 8:24 in the morning, and there’s no sun!

There is a patch in the Engines release branch now (Changeset #415:
http://dev.rails-engines.org/repository/changesets/415), which should
work with Rails 1.1.6, and hopefully all Rails 1.1.x versions. Do you
want to live forever? Hawkmen… DIVE!

Please test this patch and give feedback on the collaboa site
(http://dev.rails-engines.org/tickets/196) ? your help here is
absolutely vital. Today, we can all be like Flash Gordon, hurling
our bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or
what is out here.

Please replace your copy of engines with the 1.1 release branch:

cd /path/to/my/app/vendor/plugins
rm -fr engines
svn co http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/branches/rb_1.1 engines

This patch changes the behaviour of safe_load_paths to use the
Configuration#controller_paths array, which isn’t currently used by
Rails. Odd, that. So now, the engines plugin patches Rails to actually
use that configuration option as it would appear to have been
intended. A side effect is that you can add additional paths to
controllers in your environment.rb:

Rails::Initializer.run do |config|
# …
config.controller_paths <<
# …

… not that it’s likely most of you will ever want to use this, but
still, it’s there if you need it. Check the angular vector of the

Another important point to note is that as a side-effect of the 1.1.6
routing patch, controllers can no longer be automatically loaded from
vanilla-flavoured plugins. To get around this without using engines,
you’ll need to explicitly ‘require’ your controller files in your
plugin’s init.rb. Just hold me two seconds, then drop me so I can kiss
the ground.

Depending on the feedback to this patch, I’ll push out a new official
version of the engines plugin later today. Open fire. All weapons.
Dispatch war rocket ‘Ajax’ to bring back his body…"

Go on without me. I’ll only slow you down!

… about 3 minutes.

James, is there a time frame for an official release?


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