Editiing multiple has_many associations at once

I am search for a nice tidy solution to the following or if only to talk
the problem out aloud.

I have three tables

has_many :pricings
belongs_to :product
belongs_to :pricing_group
had_many :pricings

I would like to have a single page where I can add/edit a product and on
the same page administer the pricing for that product for each pricing
group. e.g. Cost, Retail, Wholesale. Initially I thought this would be
fair easy but I have come unstuck.

Firstly I guess I need to list each of the PricingGroup with and input
box on in the product edit view, display the price if the product
already has a price for that group and if leaving the field empty. Then
when it comes to updating the product information simply adding a new
entry if one does not already exist for that group and then updating if
one already exists.

To be honest I have been battling with this won for a week and I’d
really like to see some examples of updating/adding multiple rows at
once. Anyone got any examples or be able to point me in the right

Many thanks.

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