EastMedia Group to offer Ruby on Rails training courses in N


EastMedia Group, New York City?s premier Rails shop, is now offering
two separate training courses on Ruby and Ruby and Rails. On April
29, EastMedia will offer a one-day training course in New York, to be
taught by Francis H. and Matt Pelletier. On May 5 through 7,
Smartlab/Volks Lab and EastMedia will offer a three-day training
course in London, to be taught by David Black and Matt Pelletier.
These courses will teach web developers the concepts, tools, and real-
world tips needed to build robust, scalable, full-featured web
applications using Ruby on Rails.

= About the instructors

David Black, Ph.D., has been writing in and about Ruby for over five
years, and developing Rails applications since 2004. He is a founding
director of the non-profit organization Ruby Central, Inc., which
produces both the annual International Ruby Conference (?RubyConf?),
now heading into its sixth year, and the International Rails
Conference, scheduled to debut in June, 2006. David?s book ?Ruby for
Rails: Ruby techniques for Rails developers? is due out from Manning
Publications this Spring. David is the chief author of Ruby?s
standard scanf library, the creator and maintainer of the Rails-based
Ruby Change Request Archive (?RCRchive?), and the chief developer of
the Rails applications behind the Ruby FAQ. He contributed three
chapters (?days?) to ?Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days? (Sams, 2001).
He is a frequent participant on the ruby-talk mailing list and the
#ruby-lang IRC channel (freenode.net).

Francis H. is a long-time Rubyist and Agile coach who has been
building websites with Ruby for 4 years. He has presented at the
International Ruby Conference twice, and is on the Advisory Board of
the publication Ruby Code & Style. He is the founder of the Ruby-NYC
user group, one of the maintainers of the open source library Ruby-
DBI, and the creator of numerous other open source Ruby libraries.

Matt Pelletier is a partner and Director of Technology of EastMedia,
a software, consulting, and business development company based in New
York City. Since discovering Ruby and Ruby on Rails in early 2005 he
has turned EastMedia into a full-time Rails shop. He has spoken on
Rails at Google, and is a scheduled speaker at RailsConf 2006.
EastMedia is a technology partner with VeriSign and a sponsor of the
open source Mongrel web server. Recent Ruby on Rails EastMedia
projects include LIME (http://www.lime.com/) and Olive and Peach
(http://www.oliveandpeach.com/). He and Francis H. run the Ruby/
Rails NYC user group at the EastMedia office twice a month.

= Audience

Attendees will get the most out of these courses if they have
experience building database-driven web applications, and are
familiar with concepts of object-oriented programming. Prior
experience with Ruby or Ruby on Rails is not assumed. However, the
courses are also designed to give those with prior Rails experience a
deeper understanding of Rails and Ruby fundamentals.

= Date and price for New York City

April 29, 2006 in New York City. Venue to be announced. $395.00 USD.

= Date and price for London

May 5-7, 2006 at University of East London. £1200.00 GBP

= More information

To register, go to http://eastmedia.com/event/list . For more
information, or to be placed on a mailing list for future events,
email [email protected]

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