Duplicate entry mystery

I have a rails app that has a sync feature which looks up a remote
database and
updates the local database accordingly. Anyway, things work great for
the most
part, but there is a section of code which seems to randomly raise
errors. I
have something like this:

homelinks = Syncinventorydesc.find(:all)


for link in homelinks

 locallink = InventoryDescription.new()

 locallink.inventory_id = link.inventory_id
 locallink.description_id = link.description_id



this code tears down the local table completely before going through
each item
fetched on the remote db and inserting them in. Every now and then i get
duplicate error message (there a no duplicate keys in the original
table), which
suggests that either not all records are getting wiped out of the local
table OR
a record is getting saved twice somehow… both seem very unlikely.

i have wrapped the locallink.save! in a rescue block to let the
exception slide
which should silence this problem, but the mystery remains. Anybody know
up? Thanks



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