Draggable_element. . is there a way?

Is there a way to hook into a draggable_element so that I could update
the location of the element in my rails code? So say I had a draggable
called “frame”, when I stop dragging, I want to do something that would
be the equiv of session[:frame][:loc] = (current location of frame).

There’s a change callback on the draggable_element it looks like, but
not quite sure how to get from there to here.

Any help appreciated.


I seem to be fairly close. However, there is still one hangup I would
like to see if anybody has an answer for. I’ve discovered the :with
=> option for the remote functions. So now I have this defined in my
element’s div tag:

_title" class = "<%= frame.html_set%>_title" style=" border: solid blue 1px; position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; width: 100%; height: 25px;" onmouseup="<%= remote_function :url => { :controller => "test", :action => "doit", :with => 'document.getElementById("left_top_frame").offsetTop'} %>">

The goal here is to store the offsetTop, at least, in the request so I
can get it back out in my controller. However, I’m stuck trying to
figure out a way to escape everything, I’ve tried everything I can
think of. Here’s what the browser is getting:

Anybody have any idea how I could escape that? Or is there a better
way to go about this?



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