Displaying validates_acceptance_of Errors In A Check Box


I am having trouble displaying a check box which must be checked but
hasn’t been. I would like it to be highlighted as in a scaffolded
view but the hidden check box field which is generated by the
check_box helper is also highlighted, and the text next to it loses
its styling.

My code follows. Should I get cleverer with the CSS or write my own
check_box helper which wouldn’t wrap both the visible and the hidden
check boxes in

tags – or something
else altogether?

In my customer model I have:

validates_acceptance_of :terms

In my view I have:

<% form_for :customer, @customer, :url => { :action => :store } do |
c| %>

<%= c.check_box :terms %> I have read and agree to the Software Licence Agreement.

<%= submit_tag %> <% end %>

When the user submits the form without ticking the box, the view
renders again with erroneous fields highlighted as in a scaffolded view.

The HTML generated for the check box is:

I have read and agree to the Software Licence Agreement.

The CSS is:

.fieldWithErrors {
border: 1px solid red;
padding: 2px;
display: inline;

And the result unfortunately is that both the visible and invisible
check boxes are given a border and the text (“I have read…”) loses
the styling for


Thanks in advance,

Andy S.

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