Displaying select value and debugging RoR application


I am running into the following problem.

I have a company model that has_many addresses and address belongs_to
company (it also belongs to a User model but I assume that is irrelevant
this issue). I am in the list_companies view of the company_controller.
the user selects a company from the drop down I dynamically update the
cities dropdown for the cities that the selected company has offices in
using an onchange handler and remote_function call. However the problem
that I can’t seem to get the city names displayed in the modified
that comes up - though the number of entries in that are correct. It is
displaying the object ids of Address objects - something like
#Address:0x395f870. The select code is as below in a partial

<%= select_tag(:company_address_city,

I believe I have to do something with “:*:company_address_city” *to make
city name visible but I don’t know what - I have tried all combinations
company, address and city (the field name in addresses table) but
seem to work.

Sounds like I am missing something simple and obvious but perhaps I have
been looking at it too long.

On a related note, I am using RadRails which doesn’t currently support
debugging and I have had to debug through log statements which takes a
of time. Is there any better tool out there that can help with debugging
speed up development?



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