api - repeating in my layout? HELP!

I’m pulling in my most recent 6 entries from my delicious account based
on a certain tag. This was working fine for about a week - I just
visited my site, and each time I visit, it keeps adding the same 6
bookmarks below the current 6. So, everytime you navigate throughout
the site, it adds 6 bookmarks to the last (but it’s the same list over
and over).

I have a function in my application.rb file that is called
“setup_delicious” and it does all of the api stuff, and gets the data
into my @delicious varible. Then, in each controller, I’m doing a
“before_filter :setup_delicious” so it will setup that variable for each
page I view.

Is there something wrong with this? Before I do anything in the
function, should I set that variable to nothing? Is there a better way
to do this???

Please help! I don’t know how to trouble shoot this! Thanks for any

On Thursday, August 17, 2006, at 2:51 AM, ry an wrote:

“before_filter :setup_delicious” so it will setup that variable for each
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I imagine this may shed some light on your troubles…


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